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Members Rides - Jay Schultz's 1967 GT500

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 April 11, 2014 -- Growing up in Florida, Jay’s Blue Oval fascination can be attributed to his parents. His mother purchased an Inline 6 Coupe new from Warren Wooten Ford in Cocoa Florida in 1966 and his father still owns a 1929 Ford Model A Coupe that he purchased used in college at Georgia Tech University. Fresh out of college himself and newly relocated to the bitter cold of Michigan, the opportunity of a lifetime seemed too good to be true. Jay purchased 2984 from Long Island New York in 1999 at the age of 27, acknowledging this would be a long term project. Money, priorities, marriage, and life all would get in the way, but a personal commitment was made. If not done so by the age of 40, regardless of the location or situation, #2984 would get a complete ground up restoration. Fast forward 15 years after 10 years in the auto industry working for Roush Industries as a supplier to Ford SVT, 3 years in the defense industry, and finally “settling” in South Carolina that commitment was met and today #2984 is 99% percent complete. 1% left and it seems this project will continue a bit longer…… don’t they all?

Restoration By: Motor City Solutions, Taylor, Michigan
Current Owner: Jay and Heither Schultz, Greenville, South Carolina

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