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Drag Racing


1962 Ford Galaxie of Dick Heyler

1962 Ford vs. Pontiac

1962 TASCA Ford

1963 Cobra

1963 Ford Galaxie

1964 AFX Thunderbolt

1964 Dana Brothers vs Thunderbolt

1964 Don Snyder Thunderbolt

1964 Mercury Comet of Don Nicholson

1964 Thunderbolt vs Lawman

1965 Bob Ford Mustang of Len Richter

1965 Ford Galaxie vs Dodge Bounty Hunter

1965 Bill Maverick's Little Red Wagon

1965 Romy Hames Ford

Wild Nanook Altered goes Airbore

1965 Shelby GT 350

1965 Mustang of Stark Hickey Ford

1965 Tasca Ford of Bill Lawton

1966 Ed Tenney's Quarter Horse

Bunny Burkett with the car she raced in the Miss Universe of Drag Racing tour

The Gassers !!!!

HARR Ford sponsored Shelby

HI-Performance Motors Shelby

The MALCO Gasser

Shelby and the Snake

The Reptile of the Quarter Mile

Shelby Super Snake before Paint

Gas Ronda's 427 SOHC Mustang

Gas Ronda's 427 SOHC Mustang

Gas Ronda's 427 SOHC Mustang

Gas Ronda's last Mustang

Dick Loehr

Dyno Don Nicholson Eliminator One

427 SOHC

Connie Kallita - The Bounty Hunter

Tom McEwen -- first day driving the Super Mustang

The Super Mustang

The Super Mustang from behind

Super Mustang at the strip

Super Mustang

Sneaky Pete Robinson

Tom McEwen - The Mongoose !

Rusty Gillis 1969 Super Cobra Jet


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Originally formed as the COBRA Club in 1972. Established as a Region of SAAC in 1975. One of the oldest SAAC Regions in the United States