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Carroll Shelby

1 The cast aluminum high-rise manifold increases the engine's ability to breathe at high speeds and extends its useful power range. Matched to the manifold is a Holley low-restriction four-barrel carburetor with center pivot floats which prevent flodding or fuel starvation under the most severe driving conditions. 2 Custom aluminum Cobra rocker covers have excellent sound deadening qualities. 3 The Cobra cast and finned oil pan increases oil capacity, aids cooling and prevents oil surge during hard cornering, acceleration or braking. 4 The Borg Warner special Sebring close ratio four speed transmission is fully synchronized. 5 The breathing ability of the engine is improved furthur by the use of hand made steel tube exhaust headers and low restriction; straight-through mufflers. 6 Inner pivots of the front wheel upper control arms are moved down one inch improving cornering power and bite. 7 Full one inch diameter anti-roll bar furthur increases roll stiffness and cornering ability. 8 Monte Carlo reinforcing bar plus extra heavy reinforcing yoke add body stability and strength under severe driving conditions. 9 A pair of torque reaction arms are added to take the burden of acceleration and braking forces and allow the springs to handle the weight of the car effectively. 10 At the front, Kelsey Hayes disc brakes are added with ventilated discs and special full competition pads. At the rear, the G.T. 350 has 10" drums with metallic linings. This combination is practically fade-free. Special wheels are mounted with 130 mph-rated Goodyear low profile high performance tires. 11 Heavy duty shock absorbers are adjustable. 12 Overall steering ratio is reduced from 21:1 to 19:1. 13 Competition-type locking studs and safety pins eliminate danger of the hood ever flying open at high speeds.

OPTIONS: Shelby aluminum wheels; "No-spin" limited slip differential; Competition striping; Automatic transmission; Folding rear seat


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Originally formed as the COBRA Club in 1972. Established as a Region of SAAC in 1975. One of the oldest SAAC Regions in the United States