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Club History


Austin C. Craig, President
Royal G. Krieger, Executive Vice President
Richard Kopec, Vice President
Kenneth Eber, Secretary/Treasurer

Advisory Board of Directors
Carroll Shelby
Bob Bondurant
Don Roberts
Allen Grant
Dick Smith

1510 Delaware Avenue
Wyomissing, PA 19610
(215) 374 - 4693
Operating Board of Directors
Austin C. Craig, GT350
Royal G Krieger, 427 Cobra
Kenneth Eber, 289 Cobra
Richard Kopec, GT350
Michael L. Shoen, 2 Daytona Coupes, FIA Cobra
William Green M.D., 427 Cobra
George E. Rutledge, Jr. GT350
William Miller, Sunbeam Tiger

October 28, 1975

Dear Cobra Club Member,

We are pleased to send you a brochure describing the newly formed Shelby - American Automobile Club. As you probably know, your membership in the Cobra Club has been transferred to SAAC as a result of the merger, and a renewal notice from the Shelby - American Automobile Club will be sent when your dues would have expired in the Cobra Club.

Your membership is valued, and we hope that you find the new club both beneficial and enjoyable.


Kenneth A. Eber
Secretary - Treasurer




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Originally formed as the COBRA Club in 1972. Established as a Region of SAAC in 1975. One of the oldest SAAC Regions in the United States