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February / March 1975 SOA Newsletter ( Michigan Regional Flea Market and Meeting)

One of our better organized active regions is in the state of Michigan. Headed by Jeff Burgy and Roger Hodyka, the region has grown at an outstanding rate since this duo took over the controls a year ago. On January 19, 1975 SOA members were treated to a flea market where all sorts of Shelby American items were sold and traded.

Ken Young, SOA Regional Director from Wisconsin, and Jim Cowles drove down in a Honda Civic, and with enough parts to sink a battleship, managed to load the Honda and drive back to Green Bay in a snow storm no less !

After stocking up on everything from Stewart-Warner gauges to Detroit lockers, the members headed to the Henry Ford Centennial Library for the remainder of the meeting.

Over 125 members attended from Wisconsin and Ohio as Ralph Wexler, Ohio Regional Director, brought a group with him to the meeting. Thanks to the hard work by Jeff and Diane Burgy, the meeting was highlighted with movies from the National SOA convention, Road America, plus tech and restoration seminars. The activities of the meeting brought sunshine and warmth to the members despite the harsh Michigan weather.



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Originally formed as the COBRA Club in 1972. Established as a Region of SAAC in 1975. One of the oldest SAAC Regions in the United States