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Club History


April / May 1975 SOA Newsletter ( President's Letter)

(The SAAC MK1 wasn't the first time the "Shelby Club" thought of building a car)

... The new car project is really floundering and I plan to drop it unless some members or people who are not members want to contact me about it and want to get involved. Otherwise, it will go down the tubes like many other nice things. I will not get technical about the car except to say that it incorporates everything you would consider desirable. This may seem a bit far fetched, but I spent almost two years and a lot of money putting a package together.

The President of SOA wasn't the only one thinking of a club car, A drawing by Jeff Burgy from November of 1973 depicts a Shelby Mustang based on the new Mustang II platform.



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Originally formed as the COBRA Club in 1972. Established as a Region of SAAC in 1975. One of the oldest SAAC Regions in the United States