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The Truth about EVs and opinion on the Mustang Mach E GT
by Lyndon Conrad Bell

EVs have a terrible problem, one about which you may not have heard. A truth about them is being kept from you, and it absolutely stands to impact the way you think about electric cars.

Some exceptionally powerful organizations have a vested interest in keeping this fact about electric cars away from you in the hopes they can surreptitiously sway your opinion about them

Maybe youíve seen this photograph below on Facebook. It shows hundreds of electric cars abandoned in a field. The caption explains they are sitting there unwanted because they failed, theyíre too expensive to fix and their battery packs are leaking toxins into the earth.

Itís a lie.

That photo actually shows cars that belonged to a Parisian rideshare service that went defunct. They are being sold off and recycled for parts. The battery packs have been removed and are being reused.

As market acceptance of EVs like this Mustang Mach-E GT has gathered momentum, so too have disinformation campaigns by the American Petroleum Institute (API) and other similar organizations on behalf of oil companies.

The goal is to sow and reinforce doubt in an effort to slow the adoption of technology capable of helping us minimize the effects of climate change and enjoy a healthier future.

Why? Because the people running the companies behind the API know EVs have the potential to disruptóif not decimateóthe petrol-based business model.

Meanwhile, this Mach-E GT is way fun to drive (0 to 60 in under four seconds), will travel just under 300 miles on a full charge and is FAR less costly to operate than a ICE-powered vehicle with the same performance potential.

Whatís more, the Mach-E GTís well-crafted interior is outfitted with sumptuous materials and all the modern tech you could possibly desire, including a remarkably effective semi-autonomous drive mode Ford calls BlueCruise.

Itís also spacious enough to readily accommodate four people, while simultaneously transporting more than a decent amount of cargo beneath a hatchback that provides easy access.

And yet, disinformation campaigns continually cite half truths and outright lies about EVs in an effort to keep you mainlining petroleum.

Well, hereís the unvarnished truth.

Youíll be more than pleased with the way the Mustang Mach-E GT handles its business, especially if you love to drive. Youíll also be pleasantly surprised to learn how easy living with it can be, particularly if you have the ability to fast charge it at home. This makes using an EV as simple as using a smart phone. You plug it in at night and wake up to an ample charge the next morning.

And, having tested more than a few EVs, I can tell you firsthand they donít skyrocket your utility bill.

Plus, youíll drive a car thatís smooth, powerful, quiet and contributes far less to the eventual decimation of the Earth.

Are EVs 100% pollution-free?


But they ARE way cleaner than petroleum-powered vehicles. Donít be swayed by those whose P&L statements are heavily dependent upon keeping you away from the truth.

And folks, EVs like the Ford Mustang Mach-E GT are most assuredly The Truth.

Iíve seen the future.

Itís electric.

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