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For the Enthusiast - June 2020
- Volume 5 Number 6
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Woodward Dream Cruise Events cancelled for 2020

‘The timing is not right’ -- Birmingham, MI officials urge
 visitors to not attend Dream Cruise

BIRMINGHAM, Mich. – The Woodward Dream Cruise attracts an estimated 1.5 million people to the area. Birmingham officials do not want events linked to it and are trying to get the message to visitors not to make hotel reservations for it.

"The timing right now is not right for this," said Birmingham city manager Joe Valentine. Valentine said there’s no stopping cruisers on a public avenue, but they do want to stop any other events linked to the Woodward Dream Cruise that draw crowds. The city is following the state’s executive orders and county health department requirements when it comes to crowds and COVID-19.

“What we are trying to avoid are people coming in from out of town, the state and the world that are attracted by promoting," Valentine said. "We advise them now is not the time to come to Birmingham and Woodward Corridor.” Cruise organizers said they can’t stop cruisers and their passion for cars. They have cancelled events tied to the dream cruise with hopes of limiting crowds.

Birmingham and other communities along Woodward Avenue want to get the word out that they do not want crowds to gather. “Let’s not attract 1.5 million during a pandemic,” Valentine said. It’s not just the Dream Cruise canceled in Birmingham. The city had to cancel its fair after 70 years, movie nights and concerts in the parks.

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